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Joy of Breathwork Meditation for Health & Well Being for Seniors.


Learn how different breathing & visualizatoin techniques help reduce stress and improve one's general health. "Breath is Life" philosophy relates to all the organs, muscles, ligaments receiving proper nourishment at the cellular level which helps prevent injuries and can aid in maintaining a healthy body & calm mind.


These techniques have been practiced for thousands of years to heal and maintain good health. Ancient yogic breathing techniques help our bodies align and receive proper nourishment. The most important aspect of any activity whether it be sports, yoga, working in the office, or everyday activities at home & work, is proper breathing. Breathwork is the foundation of one's well being.

Whether you work in an office or outdoors, just 15 minutes practice a day can jump start your path to re-juvination and improved health.


You have the option of doing this workshop either sitting down on the floor or sitting on a chair. 

No experience necessary. All are welcome. This workshop is designed for women and men.

Workshop/class outline:

- Practicing breathwork meditation techniques.

- Gentle, deep stretches that incorporate breathwork

- Relaxation Meditation using visualization.