Stress Reduction classes for Corporations & Employees

Specifically designed for company management & their employees, these sessions are designed to provide efficient stress reduction techniques through special breathing techniques, deep stretching techniques for the body and visualization techniques to help calm the mind & release tension from the body and to calm the mind.

These workshops help employees develop and maintain focus and concentration skills.

Although Amrita Choudhury has practiced and taught these techniques & classes for the past 25 years, she has also worked as an IT manager in the corporate world and thus can understand the demands of such environments and their impact on one's stress level.

Learn the simple, yet powerful breathing, stretching & meditation techniques that will enable you to manage stress, bring flexibility to the body and improve your overall work concentration and performance.

Amrita brings more than 29 years of experience in the field of Yoga, Meditation, Dance, & the healing arts. She is delighted to offer this workshop to people from various walks of life; whether they would like to use these techniques to reduce stress, improve their general health, or breath better in everyday life.

Amrita teaches workshops and offers talks internationally. She has offered workshops to clients/patients with physical & emotional ailments in health institutions, in educational institutions, hospitals, for doctors & psychotherapists, for individuals working in high stress corporate environments and in various conferences.

Amrita herself worked as an IT manager for 10 years and understands how a fast paced stressful working environment can be on one's health.

Amrita is an active researcher into the therapeutic aspects of body movement, breath and dance.