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Joy of Therepeutic Movement & Dance for Seniors


This workshop helps one achieve better flexibility and movement. Through simple and effective movement/dance & breathing techniques, Amrita guides you through a series of motions that rejuvenate and bring flexibilty to the body, and bring harmony and balance to the mind.

This is a joyous and therapeutic journey with vibrating music, that truly addresses the core of your being and aids to bringing well being to the whole self.

This workshop can be done either sitting on a chair/wheel chair, or standing up.

Amrita has offered workshops at the Geriatric Unit at the Jewish General Hospital, and also at several Senior Centres. Her workshops and retreats have been attended by senior citizens from the ages of 60-90 years old.  Amrita believes that the body and mind work together in harmony to achieve good health; a journey taken by each participant with compassion and caring.