Amrita Choudhury brings more than 30 years  of experience in the field of Meditation, Yoga, Dance, therapeutic Movement, Mindfullness techniques, & the healing arts. Her vast experience and technical knowledge in these fields has been in demand internationally. Amrita offers workshops, talks and presentations throughout North America, Europe, Central & South America and in Asia.

Amrita was born in India and was educated and trained in Santiniketan & The Legacy of Art Institute in India, and holds a degree in Anthropology from Concordia University. Her extensive research into the healing arts & science has been at the forefront of all her workshops. Her mindfullness techniques, meditation, deep stretching, cellular/energetic visualization techniques, breath work,  therapeutic movement/dance workshops specifically address the body and mind; and helps reduce stress, and improve general physical & emotional health.


In her work related to "Well Being-Body Mind" segment of her company, various of her workshops highlight how through ancient breath work techniques (pranayama), meditation skills, and deep stretching postures (yoga); one can reduce, manage and alleviate stress. The intention is to bring a sense of well being to the body, mind & spirit with care and compassion. The therapeutic movement workshops equally concentrate on achieving optimal health, well being, physical & emotional balance, fitness techniques that offer flexibility; all practiced with care, compassion, & joy!

Amrita specializes in teaching workshops in hospitals, for seniors, for schools, to corporation management & their employees, for physically & emotionally challenged individuals, Health Clubs, Yoga & Meditation schools.  She also presents in various conferences such TED talks, & at numerous yoga and health conferences/institutions internationally. Whether working with children, adults, or seniors, Amrita's primary intention is to bring awareness of the power of the body-mind techniques, in creating good health, and to achieve harmony and balance of the whole being. Her workshops and retreats have been attended by Corporate CEO's, doctors, Nurses, students, psychotherapists, and people from all walks of life working in varied professions. She also offers one on one private sessions in person or online. 

Amrita concentrates her work on the  therapeutic aspects of movement, breath, meditation/yoga & dance.  The transmission of this knowledge has also been handed down from generation to generation. 


Amrita is grateful to share the ancient healing practices and knowledge globally  and bring it back to a more contemporary setting so all can benefit through these specialized workshops.  

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