Meditation & Well Being for Health Professionals

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Especially designed for today's health crises, Amrita brings this imporant Well Being workshop to health professionals.


Experience the relaxing &  therapeutic Meditation techniques have been practiced for thousands of years, which are now practiced by thousands of health professionals to relieve stress. These have been instrumental in bringing health & wellness to our bodies, mind, and maintain good health.


 The guided meditation/visualization techniques help reduce physical & emotional stress and brings one to a deep relaxed state. This practice has been recognized by scientific research to lower blood pressure, stabilize irregular heart beat, and help one become more focused & centered in everyday life.


Most of all, a sense of calm, peace & joy emanates from the body and the heart, when such practice is done with compassion, care & love. A weekly class that jumpstarts your path to beautiful health and well being!

These workshops have been taken by doctors, nurses, health care workers, McGill residents, and various other health professionals globally.