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Joyful, Therapeutic movement for Parkinson's:

"The Joy of Dance! with Parkinson's, is a specially designed movement and dance workshop addressing the needs of individuals with Parkinson's disease.

This joyful workshop/class is both for men & women and concentrates on movements that work on:

- various range of motions

- balance

- movements that work on left and right hemispheres that helps in   developing  alternative brain pathways.

- focus & concentration

- Hand, eye, feet coordination movements with music and rhythms

- posture

- Breathwork aiding movement.

- Most of all the joy of life through dance!

The music and the spirit of the dances uplift one's psychological state which in turn affects physical motion.

This workshop can be done in a wheel chair, sitting down on a chair or standing.

Participants are encouraged to follow the class at the level they feel most comfortable with.

Participants can be accompanied by their care givers or families if they wish.

Amrita offers a joyful experience in a compassionate, safe and caring environment.

Amrita has worked in Dance/Movement therapy for the past 30 years. She has brought the Joy of Dance to senior centers, hospitals, individuals with physical and emotional challenges, and to various other individuals and institutions. Her intention is to bring joy to the heart and the body, to all beings, no matter what their limitations are.

There is always room for a smile and dance!

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