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NritYoga® Healing/Therapy

Nrityoga® therapeutic aspects are inspired by the ancient Yoga and sacred dance healing techniques & philosophies. The science of Ayurveda plays an important role.

The eye movements stimulate blood vessels behind the eyes and improves blood flow; in certain cases, improving one’s vision. The hand movements with the help of the ancient  Mudras (symbollic hand gestures), have the ability to affect the  thousands of nerve endings on our finger tips, and in turn affect various organ and muscle groups. Through the help of Mudras, proper yogic breathing, and meditation, many ailments are treated.

The precise body movements bring balance, harmony and symmetry to the body. The intricate feet movements impact the acupressure & reflexology points in the feet which in turn affect various organs & muscle groups, stimulates proper blood flow and brings balance to the body. Tightness and energy blockages are released to give the body freedom to assume its real physical and spiritual energy.

​The spiritual aspect of this practice is nourishing for one’s spirit and brings joy and peace to one’s heart and soul. It is a movement therapy session centered around the body, mind and spirit with great emphasis on the individual’s connection to their own bodies.

Through this form of movement therapy, mobility is increased, awareness of one's body is acheived, energy blockages are released, emotionl and physical ailments can be understood and overcome. It is truly a joyful journey....where you forget you are doing something therapeutic for yourself....where a sense of power, spirit & joy becomes a part of the healing/therapy process....


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