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Hybrid 2024 Nrityoga® - Soma Method (Yoga of Dance) / In person & Online
Intensive/Master class/ Teacher's training & Open to All!

Intensive/Formation SPÉCIALISÉ Pour enseignants et OUVERT A TOUS!:

9 - 20 Dec, 2024



This training/intensive is designed for multiple levels. This can be taken as an Intensive or Master Class or Teacher training. All are welcome!

This training is for individuals who would like to take their yoga/dance/meditation/spiritual practice/daily living to a higher level. Also for individuals who are interested in the profound healing/therapeutic aspects.
Nrityoga® is a practice combining ancient yogic techniques, sacred dance, mudras (hand gestures), therapeutic eye/feet/hand work, ancient Tantric and Vaishnava trance dance traditions, ayurvedic medicinal aspects, pranayama(breathwork), therapeutic footwork, ancient sanskrit healing mantras with movement, deep visualization techniques, and Mudra therapy.

In Indian Yoga (Jyog), it is believed that the sacred scriptures were handed down to us through expression, movement, and rhythm of dance; a dynamic form of Yoga (Jyog) practiced by the ancient yogis and yoginis of the temples!

This training series offers a holistic practice that goes beyond technique and structure; and emphasizes the whole being; learning and practicing a philosophy of life in motion, in harmony with the true meaning of Yoga (Jyog).

Various aspects of Raja, Bhakti, Gyana, Shakti, Hatha, Tantra, Nritya, Mantra, etc. yoga are integrated in this joyous learning process.

Course Content:

* Origins of Nrityoga® - Soma Method and Yoga Philosophy
* The role and responsibility of the Nrityoga® practitioner/ teacher
* Techniques and Methods Nrityoga®.
* Nrityoga® Postures(including eye, neck, torso, heart center, Hip, feet, body postures, mudras, chakra center techniques)
* Yoga (jyog)and Nrityoga® Mudras (sacred symbollic hand and body gestures)
* Mudra Vigyan (Mudra Therapy )
* Pranayam breathwork for the Nrityoga® Postures
* Nrityoga® Postures
* Nrityoga® Ancient Tantric Techniques of Trance Dance (Siva and Shakti)
* Nrityoga® Meditation in Motion using mudras and movement
* The role and integration of Gyana, Hatha, Raja, Shakti, Bhakti, Hatha,Tantra and other forms of yoga in Nrityoga®.


Nrityoga® combines techniques and philosophy of various forms of yoga traditions, sacred dance traditions, Mudra & meditation techniques and mudra/movement/dance therapy traditions of India. A rare opportunity to truly explore the roots of the ancient philosophies and practices of yoga, and bring this wisdom to a more modern day practice. An experience that truly incorporates the body, mind & spirit; spiritually inspiring and soulfully uplifting!

- Monday - Friday 10 am to 6pm (80 hours) These hours are a combination of online instructions, online practice, personal offline practice, technique, philosophy, history, film viewing, personal time & guidance one on one with the instructor, & a comprehensive learning about the practice and discipline .

There will be a lunch hour(offline) and a personal practice hour(offline) each day, so you are not always online which enables you to take a break. There may also be a  complimentary free follow up session in the month of January, for any further questions and further guidance.

- 20 hours of work, study and practice done prior, during and after the intensive. Further information pertaining to this will be sent via email to all participants. This training session is not affiliated with any Yoga organization and is offered only from Nrityoga® (Yoga of Dance) created by Amrita Choudhury



Amrita Choudhury has been teaching for the past 30 years and founded Nrityoga® in 1999. She was educated at Nobel Prize winning poet Rabindranath Tagore's ashram Santiniketan (the abode of peace) in India. Here, the relationship between nature, spirituality and the arts was a part of everyday life. Amrita comes from a long line of Yoga & Sacred dance linieages where knowledge is handed down from one generation to the nexr. Her greatest teachers and inspiration is her late grandfather, a great Yogi and Shaivite priest in India, the last surviving temple Yogini of East India, Sashimani Mahari, her grand Aunt saint and Yogini Ma Anandamayee and her Dance Gurus : her mother and Guru Chittaranjan Acharya.

She is educated in the sacred arts of dance, yoga and therapeutic mudras, and works in the field of movement/Dance Therapy. Amrita has also performed Anthropological research related to the ancient tantric temple yogi/yoginis of India and their dance/yoga practices. She carries a degree in Anthropology and is a respected yoga-dance researcher and choreographer. She believes that Yoga, movement, and dance is the source of life, an expression of life and simply a way of life; an ancient philosophy of life in graceful motion.

Amrita travels throughout Europe, Central and South American, North America and Asia offering workshops, trainings and performances.


Tuition total: $2650 + Training Manual: $30 (to be paid on the 1st day of Intensive)

Training manual will be available to download through this site  after the intensive starts. This manual is only available for participants officially registered for the intensive.  

Registration application form: 

Please see cancellation policy below

Payment information: 

- Registration :  $2650 (plus paypal charges)

To purchase the Nrityoga Training Manual: 

Cancellation Policy:


• Deposit is fully refundable if you are not accepted into the program or if the program is cancelled.

* Cancellations by the student any time after initial deposit of $575 has been paid up until 40(forty) days prior to the program starting: Payment refunded minus $300 administration fee. This means, out of the $575, $275 is refunded.


• Cancellations 30 - 39 days before program starts: All payments will be applied to a future Nrityoga® (Yoga of Dance) program as a credit, minus a $300 administration fee. There will be no refunds in this case, only credit will be applied.


• There will be no credits or re emboursements if the individual cancels less than  30(thirty) days before the programs starts, or does not show up, or leaves before the program ends for any reason.


• Amrita Choudhury reserves the right to cancel the program at any time. In this case, the participant will be fully re emboursed her/his tuition fees.


Canadian Registration:

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USA & International  registration

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Training manual USA & International  purchase

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