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Amrita Choudhury has been teaching for the past 35 years and founded NRITYOGA® - Soma Method in 1998. Born and brought up in India, Amrita was educated at Rabindranath Tagore's world reknowned school /ashram in India -Santiniketan. Here,  the relationship between nature, spirituality and the arts was part of everyday life.

Amrita's greatest sources of inspiration & education were her late grandfather, a Yogi and Shaivite priest in India, Sashimani Mahari - the last surviving temple Yogini of East India, her grand aunt Sri Sri Anandamayi Ma, and her Dance/Yoga Gurus : her mother, Guru Chittaranjan Acharya, & Guru Jayashree Mahapatra. Amrita is also grateful for the teachings of Acharya Keshav Dev.

Amrita is educated in the sacred arts of dance, yoga, mudras (Mudra Vigyan), & various meditation/visualization techniques. She works in the field of Movement/Dance Therapy & also works in the field of "Dance & Education".

Amrita performs Anthropological research related to the ancient Tantric/Vaishnava temple yogi/yoginis of India and their dance/yoga practices.


In NRITYOGA® , she goes back to the ancient Indian philosophies of Yoga, Sacred Dance, Mudras & Meditation techniques; and brings this knowledge back to today's more contemporary setting where people from all walks of life can benefit from the practice. Her work is greatly influenced by the ancient Tantric, Vaishnava and Vedic traditions of ancient Indian Yoga & Sacred Dance.

Amrita also works in the field of " Dance & Education" and has devoted much of her life to teaching children and adults in schools, colleges, organizations such as " Cultures without Borders", and offering private & public workshops.

She also teaches "Well Being" workshops which concentrates on power of Yogic breathwork, deep stretching, meditation, to reduce stress and bring harmony to the body and mind. The "Well Being" workshops are particularly popular with individuals working in stressful environments or people with physical and emotional challenges and stresses.

She presented at TED Talks highlighting the mindfulness of the sacred arts of India. Her work has been featured in Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Television and Radio, Radio Canada TV & radio, The History Channel, Canadian Television Network, TVA Television, Doordarshan Indian Television, European Radio, Accent Magazine, and many media outlets internationally.

Amrita carries a degree in Anthropology, travels globally offering workshops & performances, and is a respected Yoga-Dance researcher, teacher and choreographer. She believes that Yoga, Meditation in motion, & Sacred Dance is the source of life, an expression of life and and simply a way of life; an ancient philosophy of life in graceful motion.!

She feels blessed to be carrying onwards the wisdom of her ancestral lineages from one generation to the next.

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